Hairworks 3ds max Resample Guides parameter missing


I am trying to export long hair from 3ds max to UE4, but having trouble with the result having not enough contol points on the guide splines. The result in UE 4 has only 4 segments on the splines wich causes weired behaviour and bad collison bahaviour.
In the 3ds max hairworks plugin manual there is a parameter called Resample Guides with a default value of 4 wich matches to the result I get in UE4.
But I am missing that parameter UI element, there is only the guides spline picker and not the parameter Resample Guides.

Has this parameter been removed, or is this a problem with my plugin installation or is there any other way to increase the segments of exported guides?

3ds max version 2017.1
Hairworks plugin version is 1.2.1