HairWorks APX import Issue

hey guys
i have a problem with importing APX files into hairworks
in maya i have a character that is running
in bind pose i duplicated the mesh to create the growth mesh
then skin bind it with the original mesh joints
and create some curves on it with shave and haircut plugin
so now i have the growth mesh and curves
now i select the growthmesh and create hairworks node on it and select curves into the hairworks node
everything is based on the tutorials(i work with maya 2017 and latest hairworks 1.2.1)
now i export the scene as fbx and then as apx
when i import the apx file into hairworks the hair generated in 0,0,0 or near the origin
i have no idea how to fix this
whatever i do they apear on the wrong place for example i have tailHair for my horse and the hair generates in 0,0,0 or near the origin in hairworks
any idea?

I’ll send this to our plugin team.

Alisoli, can you send me your sample for debug purpose? My email is


Alisoli, can you send me your sample for debug purpose? My email is[
i sent the file

This is fixed in latest Plugin. If anyone has the same problem, let me know.

hi , i dont seem to get this solved yet =(

i emailed you about it but i didnt get a reply

My email is

hi juma, i emailed you twice did you receive ? thank you

It is strange that I did not receive your email. What is your email address?

Hello juma, thank you for your reply, il send you a private message

weird seems fixed to me