Hairworks Export Error

I get this error when I try to export to an apx/apb file?

I’ve been seeing the same error using Max 2014.

However, this simple square mesh exported as an .apx just fine, so perhaps my original mesh/splines were too dense because of the length of the hair and the number of vertices on each spline exceeded some hard-coded limit for the plugin exporter? However, I don’t know what line or lines of code relate to such a limit, if any, much less if would be wise to change it. I’ll keep trying out different densities and hair-lengths and see what happens in the meantime.

I’ve also been getting an “Invalid Flyout Button ID” error since I installed the plugin.

If you are not using the latest HairWorks plug-in, please download and try again. Here is a link,

Currently HairWorks supports one hair on one vertex only. If there are more hairs than the count of the vertices, this could happen.

If you still get the problem, can you send me your samples for debug purpose? My email is

Hi Juma, are you still available? I’ll email you tonight. The error I get is

hair asset does not have growth mesh face. At least one triangle is needed.
Hair asset descriptor is not valid.
Failed to open hair file(“HairUseThis_2015.apx”)

I manually drew my own curves and snapped them each to a point on the mesh to test. So there are no duplicates.

If I could make a recommendation for this plugin, could you make a button that generates curves everywhere usable on the model? Then we could just delete off what we don’t want and scale down what’s left over. It seems like the curve placement is what causes the most headache, plus not having Shave and a Haircut makes navigating Xgen an interesting proposition.