hairworks export wont work

Hi. I am currently trying to evaluate hairworks for our project but unfortunately I dont seem to be able to ge t it working. I tried it using both max 2015 and 2014, in both I create the Growthmesh by duplicating the dummy head and attaching the hairworks modifier, use the splines created by hair n Fur, then export it as apb. apx. file. in Both cases it prompts me the error that the count of furs does not match the count of growth mesh vertices. Is there a limitation on how many vertices I can use for a fur modifier in hairworks, and if so, it shouldnt be as low, provided, the head mesh does have a lower polycount than the example creature. Is there a step I didnt think through?

Have you looked at this export tutorial?

Actually yes ;) . Unfortunately it doesnt really solve the problem Im having. I tried both using the original mesh and a decimated/crunched down version of it, but nontheless it prompts me this error.

If you are not using the latest HairWorks plug-in, please download and try again. Here is a link,
The latest one should fix your problem.