HairWorks for 3ds Max 2018


will there be HairWorks release for max 2018?

Thank You!

Hello Ember_eu,

I have talked with the NVidia support team. The support team chatted me that right now there are no information about Hairworks 2018.

I am also waiting for an Update and I am still writing Emails to the company to make attention to this topic. Right now I have got no answer.

Unfortunately, we have to wait for an answer.

Hello Ember_eu,

I have got good news for you. Nvidia has released a Hairworks plugin, which contains the exporting and simulating of furs. This plugin is compatible with Maya 2014-2018 and 3Ds Max 2014-2018.
The direct link is here:

Kind regards,
Vikiller94 (Viktor)

hello vikiller

i am having problem regarding hair apx file import to hairworks viewer, it always gives me file error, ive contacted the support, juma, and posted my issue in the forums but got no reply, il be glad if you could help me in solving the issue, thank you so much

I checked OtakuRuki’s issue. It seems that he uses one old HairWorks SDK. Our HairWorks SDK is released on GitHub. If you need latest SDK, you need get it via some application operations. Here is the web link: