Hairworks: Fur Strands share mesh vertices

When I run a spline duplication check, it gives me the error that 3564 out of 4759 fur strands share mesh vertices with other lines. I have the latest version of Hairworks and it selects the splines, however, when I delete the duplicate splines it deletes half of the spline which I don’t want. Is there a way to fix this? I looked at other people having this problem but it hasn’t helped.

Hi shotgunhr, I had the same problem and I just found the solution, you don´t have to delete the splines, you only have yo turn off the “Show end result” button, then try to check and export and should work.

May I ask which Modifier you turned that off on? I tried it and it said there was no error when I ran the Spline Duplication Check, but it still gave me the error when I exported.

Same issues too, but intermittent. I find that doing the duplication check fixes this, most of the time.
Make sure you have the Hairworks modifier selected.