Hairworks Import Error

I’m using hair curves exported from Zbrush fibermesh into Maya and exporting to Hairworks there. When I import to the viewer I keep getting this error.

ERROR: hair asset does not have any guide hair.
ERROR: LoadHairAsset() - Hair asset descriptor is not valid.

Please help.

I get the same problem with MayaLT 2016.5. It seems hairworks needs a 3rd party hair and fur plugin capable of creating specific Guide hairs. Curve creation alone don’t seem to work in MayaLT.

But why support MayaLT with a plugin if there is no such hair and fur plugins available for MayaLT under Mel Scripts.

I have followed everything within the documentation below which suggests curves should work under certain conditions, which I believe, have been met.

Have you solved this problem?

Did you follow the document correctly?