HairWorks scaling issues

I am using 3ds Max 2016, and have followed the step-by-steps- to the letter. I have actually gotten it to work once, but now having issues every time, and with different files.
What happens is that in the Fur/hairworks viewer, I load in the .fbx, and then the hair, and the hair is about twice the size it should be. it is sometimes placed correctly, but other times, not.
What could I possibly be doing wrong? I have added the skin modifier and tried both just using (say the head bone) one bone, and also the whole figure bone set up. no difference.
I have not tried to place this in UE4 yet, which I’m hoping I will be able to maybe scale the growth mesh and hair down there.
I would really love to be able to use this in a project, but after a few days of struggling I may have to give up.
Any and all help is appreciated.
I am using the latest versions of HW, both the viewer and the 3ds Max 2016 plugin/script.
One file is a native 3ds Max CAT rigged spider, the other is a Realillusion imported .fbx Character creation.
I thought maybe the animation on the spider was a culprit, but this happens on a non-animated projects also.

Hi JamesSF69, I’ve been having the same issue. Did you resolve this?
When I import my APX, it is much bigger than the graphics mesh. I have also tried playing with different bones setups, bipeds, animated and non-animated, even using the Majaladon demo gives me the same headache.