Hairworks simumation export back to 3ds max

Hi everyone,

I didn’t find the answer on the presentation page of hairworks, and I guess that it’s not possible right now, but I prefer asking the question:
I’m very interested in the hairworks’ hair simulation, so I did the test from the 3ds max plugin. I’m a CG artist working with 3dsmax and I’d like to know if there’s a way to use hairworks simulation in 3ds max? Using the guides simulated in hairworks back to 3ds max’s hair & fur.
It could be very nice…


Hairworks is fully compatible with 3DS Max, here’s a video showing how to implement it.

Hi, thank you but it’s not my question : I wanted to know if I can import back the simulation from Hairworks to 3Ds max (to use it as a baked simulation with Hair&Fur)

I don’t think that is a supported feature, no. You could probably design an application using HairWorks to do this, however.