HairWorks Viewer Crashes when I import FBX file


So I’ve been having this problem lately where I try to import an FBX file into the Nvidia HairWorks viewer, and it instantly shuts down. It can open some files that I made a while back, and it can open .furproj files. I have tried running it as administrator, following the export instructions in the tutorials to the T, but it still crashes when I load new fbx files. This happens for both ASCII and binary formats, textured or untextured. Is there anything I might be missing that makes the program crash?

I am under a deadline and this crash is preventing me from making any progress, so timely help would be much appreciated
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This could be caused by an FBX version mismatch.


Thanks for clearing that out a bit!

Can you please advise which FBX export version would suit the HairWorks viewer best?
I am using the 1.2.1 version of the hair viewer and Maya 2018 to export the FBX.