Half USB ports failed on my Jetson Nano. How to debug?



I am running a Jetson Nano A02 board with jetpack 4.6.1. I found two USB ports of J32 (near the HDMI) not working. Two ports of J33 works fine. To be clear, I just tested with USB2 mouse and keyboard because I don’t have USB3 devices at hand. And I use uUSB power.

I follow some existing topics to check dmesg. When I plugin or plugout a device to J32, nothing is recorded in dmesg. But message appears when I do the same thing for J33. Sometimes there are “over-current” warnings in dmesg, but they are for device pluged to J33.

I tried to measure the voltage of J32 and J33, both give 4.7 voltages. The voltage of D+/D- and the resistance from D+/D- to ground are almost the same for J32/J33 (hundreds of ohms). And from appearance, there is no visual damage on the board.

I would like to figure out what is the problem and try to solve it if possible. Would you please give me some instructions? Thank you!


Since jetson nano’s usb ports are actually going through one usb hub. It sounds like the hub has some defect.

This sounds not like a software issue. Maybe need to RMA.

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