__half2uchar_rz won't compile

I am trying to use __half2uchar_rz to convert a uint8_t into a half in my device kernel.

Unfortunately when I compile it, I get this error:

error: identifier "__half2uchar_rz" is undefined

Why won’t it compile when the other intrinsics work fine (e.g. __half2uchar_rz)?

This is for Jetson Nano (compute 5.3). Thanks.

you’ll need a very recent CUDA install for this to work. It may not be available on your Jetson Nano. I suggest asking on the Jetson nano forum.

__half2uchar_rz does not convert a uint8_t to a half.

In the first sentence, the error indicates __half2uchar_rz. In the second sentence, you seem to be suggesting __half2uchar_rz works fine.

I failed to copy and paste correctly.
__half2ushort_ru works fine.
__half2uchar_rz does not.

Okay I’ll update CUDA. Thanks.

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