Halt processor on shutdown

The carrier board I’m using has an issue: whenever I try to power it off with sudo shutdown -h now it doesn’t actually turn off and just restarts. The manufacturer acknowledged this issue but didn’t offer any workarounds. Is it possible to implement a “shutdown screen” like the good old Windows 95 “It is now safe to turn off your computer” screen? I’m thinking of an executable that displays a shutdown page fullscreen and halts or hangs the processor at the end of the shutdown process, so the user has to power the unit off physically.


Are you talking about the board cannot shutdown but instead it got reboot?

Yes, that’s correct.

Are you sure not asking the board vendor for fixing this hardware problem? I mean if you want to make a product, then it is not very proper to try to fix this by just telling customer to unplug the power manually…

@WayneWWW I concur, unfortunately, the board manufacturer hasn’t been very helpful, since we are a very small operation. And we have already designed our entire product around this board, so we just need to find a workaround.

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