Handling Nvidia anti-aliasing outside of game?

I have seen guides online for Windows users to let Nvidia Control Panel handle anti-aliasing outside of game. I lose about 7/8 FPS from letting Skyrim SE handle TAA, and I have been wondering if it was handled outside of game would it hit performance less. If I just TAA in game, or using FXAA, there is a very noticeable difference in graphics quality. I have tried to get ENB working but it is not happening.
In Ubuntu 18.04, I have Nvidia X Server Settings, and in X Screen 0 >> Antialiasing Settings >> I set it to Override Application Settings and tried 16x but I did not notice any difference in game? There are also GPU 0 - (GeForce GTX 970) Applications Profiles, and I found Appendix J. Application Profiles on Nvidia’s website but from that I do not see an option for TAA.

Is there a way to handle AA outside of game as good or better than TAA in game, reducing the performance hit?

You can use nvidia-settings and create an application profile to control AA outside of the application. Don’t know/think that this will result in better performance, though.