Handling two ethernet connections

I have two sensors that require to be plugged into the Jetson TX1 carrier board. One sensor has a gigabit ethernet port with a thoroughput of 120Mbps and that supports UDP/IP, IPv4 only. the other sensor has a 100Mbps ethernet connection that sends UDP packets out. Since there is only one ethernet port on the board I thought of using a USB to ethernet adapter like this one [url]Amazon.com In one of the questions it says that to use this we should first ensure that the board can handle another ethernet connection. So please let me know if I can use one of these adapters to get data from the sensor to a USB3.0 port. Thanks

The port is gigabit, but there are inefficiencies so far as actual throughput goes. However, the single existing port can easily handle 220Mbps (120+100). Just use a gigabit switch on the existing port (just be sure those are really “bit” per second and not “byte” per second).