Hard to read the words in Isaac Sim API

The methods in API (Core [omni.isaac.core] — isaac_sim mr3140 documentation) are displayed in dark color with a dark highlight. It’s really hard for me to read these methods. Is there anyway I could change the theme or the color?

Hi @xiaoqingyu0113

A possible local solution is to overwrite the domain CSS. This can be easily accomplished with Firefox. You must add or create a new file (userContent.css) with the definition shown below. Follow the steps described in the next post to configure it:

Note: This will affect the entire domain, use it at your own risk of affecting the styling of other pages in the domain.

@-moz-document domain(docs.omniverse.nvidia.com) { 

  .method > .sig > .sig-name, .method > .sig > .sig-prename, .property > .sig > .sig-name, .property > .sig > .sig-prename {
    color: #eeeeee !important;
  .property > .sig > .property > .pre, .property > .sig > .property > .pre {
    color: #999999 !important;

There is something similar for Chromium/Chome but it is more tedious :)

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@xiaoqingyu0113 , this will be fixed in documentation for the upcoming Isaac Sim release

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