Harddisk path Change


I have connected a harddisk 1TB to my jetson. But over the time, the path of the harddisk always changes. Like, the actual path will be like this - /media/nvidia/Elements where Elements is the harddisk name.

But over the time, the path changes like this -

Because of this, our hardcoded software path throws error. Can you please tell me why this is happening always? It’s not about a single device, it’s happening in every device.

Is there a way to permanently solve this problem?
Please help me.

Thank you

You should modify /etc/fstab to fix the mounting point.
Don’t let Ubuntu mount it automatically.
It’s just a general Linux thing, but not related to Jetson at all.

Hi Dave,

Can you please explain how? I really have no idea

Google gives a bunch of tutorial…


************************* RESPONSE FROM TERMINAL FOR ABOVE COMMAND************************************

loop0 vfat 1234-ABCD
└─sda1 ntfs 701EE7211EE6DF5A /media/nvidia/Elements1
zram0 [SWAP]

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

UUID=701EE7211EE6DF5A /media/nvidia/Elements ntfs-3g defaults 0 0

sudo umount /media/nvidia/Elements1

sudo mount -a

im using this method from chatgpt. Will this solve the issue? Please reply. I’m copying the UUID of my harddisk to /etc/fstab and pasting it

Please do it yourself.
I have said, this has noting to do with Jetson at all.

Hey, ok I got it that it has nothing to do with jetson. But I’m facing this issue in jetson itself not on any Intel machine. Jetson itself is running on Ubuntu and not on windows ok!

I’m not asking for a solution. Since I’m not expert or having experience in the above issue, wanted to confirm if my described solution works or not

YES it should.

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