Hardware Bring-up Validation Tools for Tegra K1?

Platform Adaptation Guide for the Tegra Linux Driver Package (DA_07378-001_01 November 12, 2014) references several hardware tests that can be done using NvHost. ie:
“To run NvTest for emmc”
Enter the following command on the device:
sudo ./nvhost --avp --skip-reset --chip t124 --sdram
<dram_config_file.cfg> diags_emmc.axf

The new "Platform Adaptation Guide for Tegra Linux Driver Package (DA_07378-001_01 | June 2, 2015) says the Bring-up Hardware Validation uses (Tegra MODS) NvTest for DDR, eMMC, AVP, CPU. There is no mention of NvHost.

Where is NvHost or equivalent tools for hardware validation? Tegra K1 Memory Characterization V1.0.1 was on the developer hardware-design-and-development page; where are the rest of the HW validation tools for the Tegra K1?

I’m running into this issue as well; the Tegra K1 Memory Characterization zip package contains an nvhost.exe that runs on Windows.

I’ve successfully gotten the DRAM diagnostics to run, but not yet the eMMC test.

The Platform Adaptation Guide implies you can run these tools on a Linux box but I have not yet found a binary suitable for Linux.