Hardware Configuration for 3 MIPI Cameras

Hi everyone,
This is my first hardware project with Jetson Nano Module.
I would to use 3 2-lanes MIPI camera (two of the three is the same model because it is for a 3d vision). I use CSI0, CSI2 and CSI3. Do I need to use 3 MCLK and 3 PWDN ? If yes, on which pin should I connect the last camera MCLK and PWDN. For I2C I use 1 to 3 I2C multiplexer.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, please refer to the Design Guide for CSI camera design. There are two MCLK and PWDN pins for use, you can add switch/buffer for the third one.

Thanks for your answer, but I already follow this design guide. I just don’t understant what’s the use of these signals. Each camera needs to have their mclk and pwnd ? Otherwise can I share 1 MCLK and 1 PWDN to 2 identical cameras ?
Best regards

MCLK and PWDN can be shared or to add switch, it depends on the camera you chose. For nano, it provide two sets of that.

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