Hardware : Connecting Jetson Board to A/D converter parallel interface

I need to connect a Jetson board to an A/D converter parallel interface. The idea is to bring the digital output of the A/D converter to the Jetson board for future DSP processing.

I can see either PCie or MIPI CSi-2 as possible candidates for connection on the Jetson board. MIPI seems to be the best option.

Does anyone know how to connect A/D parallel output to MIPI CSI-2 to bring the data to the Jetson board?

It can be either Jetson TX2 or Jetson Xavier platform.

Any idea or suggestion of how to do it will be appreciated.

hello ninat5tqj,

you should access Camera Module Hardware Design Guides for the Jetson TX2 or Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit carrier board.
you might also contact with Jetson Preferred Partners to check if they’d provide such solutions.

Thank you. I will definitely work with those documents. My understanding is that there is no plug and play solution. But I’m looking for the directions which would allow me to minimize hardware and software development for this interconnection.

For example : can NVIDIA support my JESD development on Jetson board?

hello ninat5tqj,

you should follow The MIPI Alliance Specification for Camera Serial Interface 2 (CSI-2), if you would like to use MIPI-CSI.

you may consider to work with USB interfaces, there’s USB camera for your plug and play solutions.
suggest you should also check Jetson Partner Supported Cameras for a list of cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform.

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for your reply. I understand how I can connect camera to Jetson board.
The problem is that I have to connect a different interface (A/D parallel interface) which is not a camera.
USB has 5 Gb/sec bandwidth. A/D interface has at least 20 Gb/sec. USB is too slow for my needs.
MIPI provides a required BW, but MIPI does not understand A/D interface.
I understand that I need some sort of converter. Can it be off the shelf converter?

hello ninat5tqj,

you may access Xavier TRM from download center, please check [High-Speed I/O] for all available selections.
please check with Jetson Preferred Partners for such solutions, or you might develop by yourself.