Hardware decode stats missing from tegrastats

I currently have a pipeline with the multimedia API that looks like this:

Jpeg decode -> VIC -> H264 encode

I’ve done this by basically gluing the sample applications together. When I run tegrastats, I don’t see the hardware decode level (NVDEC) appear. Does that mean that it is all being done is software?

If so, how do I enable hardware encoding\decoding?


NVDEC is not HW engine for Jpeg Decode. Please try H264/HEVC decoding.

I’ve tried running the sample 01 with H264 decoding, and I still don’t see it.

Also, with my code I don’t see MSENC for encoding either. Should I be seeing that?

Finally, are Jpeg’s decoded with hardware, or is that pure software?


Do you run ‘sudo ./tegrastats’?

Ah, no I didn’t. That now shows MSENC, thanks.

Can I get confirmation though, does Jpeg decoding have hardware support?

Yes, you can check HW block diagrams in TRM.