Hardware Design: Multiple CSI Camera's

Hi All,

Currently in the process of doing a hardware design for a TX1 Module. I’m specifically looking at the CSI Camera Interface and the Control Signals. With the DEV Kit and existing designs, I have the ability to connect up to two CSI interfaces using the Master CLK, Power, and Reset Controls that are present from the TX1 Module. However what should I be doing in terms of hardware design for additional Camera’s.

I have 6x 2-Lane CSI Camera’s. CSI0 and CSI1 both have control from the TX1 Module. How should I be controlling the other 4x 2-Lane Camera’s? Should I be MUXing the Control Signals from the other CAM0/1 Controls? How should this be done? Which CSI Control set should be used for which CSI Link? How should the MUX be controlled?


For the PWDN,RST,AF_EN,Flash_EN control signal, It’s better add a I2C GPIO controller to extend the GPIOs.
For MCLK, you can add clock buffer or add XTAL
The CSI control and CSI link mapping could be modify in driver.