Hardware Design Requirements to Flash Xavier AGX

Relevant to this previously asked question: USB flash interface

  • What are the requirements when designing a custom carrier card to be able to flash the Jetson Xavier AGX?
  • Is there any documentation which explains what hardware support is required to allow flashing?
  • Does flashing use USB super speed lanes, or does it occur entirely over the USB 2.0 diff pair?
  • Is flashing only supported over lane USB0, or are other channels supported as well?

With the dev kit, I have noticed that only USB-C port J512 has the ability to flash the device (ie, force_recovery mode, run lsusb on the host and see the “NVIDIA” line, then run ./flash.sh). USB-C port J513 does not show the “NVIDIA” line when running lsusb on the host, nor does ./flash.sh work. Same for the USB micro port–flashing can only be achieved over J512. Why is this?

Force_recovery_n pin and USB0 are necessary, please read the chpater “USB Recovery mode” in OEM DG.

Flashing can only run on USB0 port. J512 can be as flashing port as USB0 is connected to it.