Hardware encoding and decoding issues in Orin nx

I have been searching for a long time but haven’t found any relevant information. In the past, the firmware of Jetson nx 4.6d still supports hardware encoding and decoding of ffmpeg. Is there a corresponding method in Orin nx?

We have a ffmpeg package which enables hardware decoding. Please take a look at
Accelerated Decode with ffmpeg — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

For hardware encoding, you may consider use jetson_multimedia_api. There are samples in


/usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api Can I use Python? See that the examples are all C++

Now we support C programming. Python is not supported in jetson_multimedia_api.

Is there a scheme supporting hard coding in Python?

We have implemented gstreamer plugins for hardware decoding/decoing, so you can run python code like:
Nvv4l2decoder sometimes fails to negotiate with downstream after several pipeline re-launches - #16 by DaneLLL

For constructing gstreamer pipelines, please refer to examples in user guide:
Accelerated GStreamer — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

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