Hardware Interrupt to Pin Number

I am experiencing a hardware issue with our custom board which is causing the cpu to get interrupted close to 100000 times per second. I’m trying to track the issue down but I’m having trouble figuring out which pin is the culprit. In /proc/interrupts I found the following interrupt is the one having the problem.

:/home/nvidia# cat /proc/interrupts
380: 217641179 0 0 0 0 0 tegra-gpio-aon 56 Edge Power

So it is irq 380, with a label “Power” and a number 56. I’m not sure what the number 56 means. Can anyone help me track down which pin is hooked up to this interrupt?

What’s your connection on LOW_BAT on your carrier board? Interrupt 56 is for low battery detection.

Thanks for the response, we are not using the BATLOW (Pin C7) so it is disconnected. We only get the interrupts when our carrier board is being charged so it is likely a noise issue. Should this pin be ties to VCC? Also, is there a way that I can disable the interrupt generation for this pin? Since we are not using it, it seems like it would be best to have it left unconfigured.

Did you try pulling it to high? Yes, looks like a noise issue. If pulling high could solve it, you’d better to add a PU to make it stable.