Hardware issue in jetson agx orin?

Hello team,
i had some troubles when I tried to reflash the jetson and failed installing sdkmanager (I failed at step 3). I unplugged everything and reflashed it again but this time, the host computer could not detect the device (jetson) when I used the usb C cable to connect the jetson with the host (before I experienced this, the host could detect the jeson). I connected the Jetson to the monitor to check but the screen remains black, nothing else was shown. The fan only spinned in 20 seconds and stopped. In another word, I think the jetson is dead, and it’s possible that one or more chips inside were damaged. I am looking for some helps in this issue. Thank you!

You mean the devkit has no problem before? Can you see recovery usb device on host? Is it possible to try another DC power supply which can show the voltage and current?

Yes, the devkit had no problem before. Right now, the host can detect a USB but cannot detect the jetson anymore after the sdkmanager installation failure. When I connected the jetson with the monitor, I powered the jetson by the charger provided in the developer kit and the monitor remained black (before the sdkmanager failure, i could connect the jetson to the monitor and work on it normally). I tried to connect the jetson with 2 different monitors, plugged the charger in 2 different outlets but both monitors stayed black. And by saying “it’s possible that 1 or more chips were damaged”, I mean it might happen after the sdkmanager installation failure. I have never connected the jetson with an outter DC power source.

No idea from SW side, suggest to do the RMA. Thanks

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