Hardware lights are on, but ubuntu(software) does not boot up

Hello I’m user on Drive PX2

I turned on the hardware power. So, Lights on drivepx2 are flashed.

however, software does not boot up.
In ordinary cases, when hardware powers on, software has always worked.
Here’s pheonomeon

  • Not fan working(In ordinary case, fan mostly works)
  • Lights from DrivePX2 are turned on
  • Screen connected to HDMI does not show up anything.
  • USB keyboard and lights could be turned on. but does not works any.

In summary, power supplies very well, but not any works could be executed.

So, is it hardware failure? If is not, what can I do to execute my software(ubuntu)?

Dear jhlim271,
Could you connect your HDMI, USB keyboard to another Tegra ports and check.
Coupld you check connecting to your DrivePX2 from host machine?
Is it possible to upgrade to latest Drive version?

Hello jhlim271,

I had the same problem today. Flashing the aurix fixed the problem (see https://docs.nvidia.com/drive/nvvib_docs/index.html#page/NVIDIA%20DRIVE%20Linux%20SDK%20Development%20Guide%2FFlashing%2Fflash_aurix_dpx.html%23wwpID0E0HC0HA Flashing the Aurix Firmware).