Hardware/Software tools to convert RGB

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FYI, you will probably want to be familiar with the DDC wire of the HDMI connector. This wire is an i2c protocol which allows the video card to query the monitor, and the monitor responds with its details (this is the EDID data). The driver on the Jetson allows only modes reported on EDID. Think of this information as what the old driver disk would contain, but automated.

Since the driver will refuse anything which isn’t both from EDID and using a mode accepted by the driver, this means you need to adapt your VGA to HDMI. Most of that effort is in creating EDID. There are plenty of adapters, and if the adapter can be told to claim it is a mode which both the Jetson and the monitor support, then you are in luck. See:

I have not used one of these, but this is the basic idea:

On that particular example I see there is a switch for “720p” or “1080p”. What this implies is that the HDMI-based video card would query the box, and the box would reply with one of those two modes, which is somewhat limited. If you have a television, then this is ok. If you have a monitor using other modes, then you’d need to come up with a more custom solution.

If you have the opportunity to replace the monitor itself with an actual HDMI monitor, then this would be the easiest way to go.

Thanks for the info. Since we are choosing the LCD hardware, we can choose HDMI if needed.

I lack knowledge of the devX/devY, so I can’t answer anything particularly useful there. You might give more details on what you are thinking about, e.g., passing data from your device to the Jetson as if the device is a camera sensor would be one example. Someone could answer if there is a more specific use-case.