Hardware Stereo and CUDA


I have a NVIDIA Quadro card which I have used so far with my NVIDIA Vision hardware stereo glasses.
I now have installed CUDDA-10 and realized that my hardware stereo settings in xorg.conf will be ignored and that hardware stereo is gone.
It seems that the hardware stereo GLX stuff has been replaced my mesa.

Is there a way to use CUDA functionality without loosing the hardware stereo functionality?

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It should be possible to install the GPU driver in such a way that everything works.

This requires a driver install that installs the NVIDIA OpenGL libraries, for example. Without knowing what driver you installed or how you installed it, it’s difficult to say more.

But a proper, complete driver install from NVIDIA sources should allow CUDA + stereo.

Dear Robert,

thank you for your fast reply.
I installed the full Linux x86_64 Cuda-10 rpm from the NVIDIA webpage.
This includes the 410 driver (nvidia-driver-410.72-1.el7.x86_64). It did not touch my xorg.conf file. I am not sure if the rpm install is sufficient. In general I installed my NVIDIA drivers from the installer package.


The most similar Quadro Linux driver package seems to be NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-410.73.run
Can I simply install it over the current CUDA package framework?

No. You need to clean out old driver installs when switching from package manager method (your previous rpm install) to runfile installer method.

Read the linux install guide section on “handling conflicting install…”