[Hardware] The hdmi cannot read edid with my custom carrier board, What should I do next?

Hi, there.

the HDMI can not change the resolution with my custom board.

Because i2c is no ack from addr 0x50,I can see the timing of I2C from the oscilloscope.There is no ack.

What should I do next?


P2597_B04_HDMI_SCH.pdf (29 KB)

Hi, did you check the 5V of HDMI connector? Does HPD signal work? Check the w/r I2C address of HDMI device? Your design looks like is copied from reference design and so should be no problem. Did you try other HDMI cable and device on your board?


The HPD signal works well.The 5V works well. I thinks it is the TCA9406DCT does not work well in this circuit.

No idea about it as TCA9406DCT is not used on reference design.


The Hardware of my custom carrier board has no problem.The TX2 must connect to the display with HDMI cable directly,not the cable HDMI to DVI.

Thanks a lot.