[HARDWARE] XAVIER MODULE impedance matching

dear. all

recently, we made the Xavier board and now finished to check functions,

so we will proceed the second PCB for end customer,

function and etc. no problem, but I want to improve design for performance.

we apply the 2 function SATA3 and 10G ethernet solution.

question is as bellow.

  1. SATA3 PCIe trace
    UPHY_TX0_P, UPHY_TX0_N, UPHY_RX0_P, UPHY_RX0_N = impedance 85ohm
    Is this right? (ours first version is 100ohm, but no problem)

  2. 10G ethernet
    NVHS0_TX0_N, NVHS0_TX0_P, NVHS0_TX1_N, NVHS0_TX1_P, NVHS0_TX2_N, NVHS0_TX2_P, NVHS0_TX3_N, NVHS0_TX3_P… = impedance 85ohm
    Are they some same impedance matching?
    (ours first version is 100ohm, but no problem)

Hi, the impedance is 85+/-15%, 100ohm is a little higher than limit, better to follow OEM DG to keep as close as to 85ohm.

thanks a lot and best regards. :)