Which DRIVE platforms does DriveWorks support?
DriveWorks runs on:

  • NVIDIA® DRIVE™ PX 2 AutoChauffeur
  • NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 AutoCruise.
  • NVIDIA Xavier

Some DRIVE PX 2 platforms have a discrete GPU (dGPU). Can DriveWorks run on that dGPU?
Yes. DriveWorks v0.2.0 can run on dGPU.

What is the benefit of DriveWorks running on a dGPU?
The dGPU is faster than the integrated GPU (iGPU) but is limited to being a CUDA co- processor. It cannot run graphics code (OpenGL/OpenGL ES). The DriveWorks samples get around this limitation by using a proper image streamer to copy the CUDA images to the iGPU for visualization. For details on how this is done, see the sample implementations.

Can DriveWorks run on x86?
Yes. DriveWorks can run on x86.