Has anyone been able to run an RTX 3060 laptop GPU at more than 80W on Linux?

I can’t really help with that being just another regular user.
Like mentioned before, when digging a bit into the power profiles situation, it looked like a big mess to me even when only looking at intel systems. Adding amd to it, it gets even worse. Even on Windows, this didn’t work at all ootb for me so it seems to me that Microsoft only provides the infrastructure on Windows and leaves the wiring up to vendors.
Now nvidia has to find a one-size-fits-all solution and seems to take different approaches to not burn the voltage regulators on anyone’s notebook. No problem with that but nvidia’s mode of communication is really awful, talking a bit about what to see and how to interpret sure wouldn’t hurt.

Ah i see then our only hope is nvidia developers hear our voice in this forum and act, but i dont have high hopes on that. Im using nvidia on my laptops for almost 15 years and always used linux as my main OS. Nvidia was always neglecting linux compared to windows in history and this is not looking like to change. So our best bet is using 6.1lts with nvidia 525 until nvidia implement configurable tdp on 3000+ series. Waiting for this for almost 2 years already. I hope it wont take as long as it did on nvidia optimus.

I’m having an issue with dynamic boost as well. I’m currently on AMD and Nvidia combo for my laptop. nvidia-powerd works without any error and I’m able to hit my max 50W, however, the moment I hit 75C on my GPU I’m throttled HARD and TDP will sit around the default 75C. This behavior is not seen in windows at all. I’m able to stay at 50W in windows full load at around 80C without this throttling issue at all.

When using nvidia-smi -q I see that my Max operating temp is 75C. Is there anyway to force this limit to something else? This is not supposed to be the max temperature.

I’m on a Lenovo Slim 7 Pro X
Driver 530.41.03
Kernel 6.2.12

Fix was already Intergrated into recent 525 and 530 branch released drivers.
I have tested internally as well on couple of setups where power drawn was limited to ~80W is now going around ~115W.
If issue still persists on Ampere notebooks, please generate fresh nvidia bug report and attach here.

I have the same problem with a Dell G15 5525, where the GPU is throttled to 45Watts from 115 as soon as it reaches 78 C. This Enforced power limit can not be changed without shutting down the laptop.

This issue is back now. I just upgraded from a fully working driver (530 series) to a buggy one (535).

Before the upgrade, I was able to reach 130W (with nvidia-powerd enabled). Now, I am throttled to 95W (out of 130W).

If I disable nvidia-powerd, I drop to 80W maximum.

Distro: Ubuntu 22.04
Nvidia driver version: 535.54.03
GPU: 3060 Laptop
Laptop model: Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16ITH6H


I have the same issue here, but I come to add a stone to the stack.
I resume my case here:
when not using powerd , I’m stuck at 55w max.
When using powerd, it go up to 80w.

But when powerd is active and I play with the performance keybinding on my laptop (lenovo legion 5 pro), the max Watt rise.
I have three mode (boost / normal and low) with this laptop.
When I go to low it always go back to 55w.
But when I go to normal and boost it rise but not always to the same, between 95 and 140w (my maximum).

But the issue is not resolve because (for my case), when I have a max value superior at 100w, the real used is never higher than 100w, like it was limited by another settings somewhere.

Well, I know this is an old topic but I’ll comment anyway.

HP Omen with AMD Ryzen 7 5800H and RTX 3060 which should be able to reach 100W.
NVIDIA 545.29.06 driver. EndeavourOS KDE with Kernel 6.7.4-arch1-1.

It’s stuck at 80W on this distro. On Pop_OS! 22.04 NVIDIA LTS with the same driver, I could reach 95W.

❯ cat /proc/driver/nvidia/gpus/0000:01:00.0/power
Runtime D3 status:          Enabled (fine-grained)
Video Memory:               Active

GPU Hardware Support:
 Video Memory Self Refresh: Supported
 Video Memory Off:          Supported

The 15W extra is gained by running nvidia-powerd, usually.
Seems to me, nvidia now settled on the medium setting for base power limit. For my system, I have the settings (on windows, iirc) 50-60-70+15W extra boost
Initially, on linux this was 50W fixed + 15W extra boost through nvidia-powerd. Intermediately, one driver version allowed setting up to 70W+15W boost.
Now a fixed power limit of 60W is set + 15W boost. That seems to be the one-size-fits-all setting from my former post.

I tried enabling nvidia-powerd, but it did nothing. In my case it should be 80W default and + 20W Dynamic Boost.