Has anyone succeeded to set TensorFlow 1.0.1 with python modules like 'scipy' on the TX2?


I want to take existing inference code (training was already done) in TensorFlow and deploy it on the TX2 to get a demo fast.
My initial thought was to setup TensorFlow on the TX2, thus saving the conversion of the code to TX2-specific code at the cost of possible poor performance, until I will learn the other alternatives, like using tensorRT.

So far, I was able to build TensorFlow 1.0.1 following Jetsonhacks’ tutorial on the TX2.

The code requires TensorFlow 1.0.1, python 2.7 and modules like ‘scipy’, ‘matplotlib’ & ‘PIL’
However, I failed to install the modules following https://scipy.org/install.html,
e.g. “pip install --user scipy matplotlib”.
The modules depend on other modules that are not installed, e.g. mkl_rt (which I guess I don’t need on the Jetson, right?).

So my questions are:

  1. How to deploy these modules on the TX2?
    Is there some distribution like Anaconda that can be easily deployed on the TX2 and simplify the process?
  2. Is it inevitable to use tensorRT or equivalent tool? how can I do it and migrate the code to tensorRT?

Any help is highly appreciated,

Regarding the python modules, it is resolved using:
“sudo apt-get install python-scipy”

However in python3 the following:

from scipy import misc

gives error message "Nomodule named 'scipy

To install scipy for Python 3.x run: “sudo apt-get install python3-scipy”

This worked for me on Jetson TX2.

sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev gfortran
sudo pip3 install scipy