Has anyone tested a CentOS computer as the Host computer instead of a Ubuntu computer?


I have just received my TX2. I have read the documentation and have just found that I do not have a Ubuntu machine. I have a CentOS one.

Has anyone had that experience? Have you tested the SDK Manager in a CentOS machine?

Thank you

I use command line flash with Fedora, but JetPack/SDK Manager specifically requires Ubuntu (which installs the extra packages, e.g., CUDA).

Ok. So you did flash an image using Fedora, but the Python libraries must be installed using Ubuntu (SDK Manager). right?

I flash with Fedora. Python itself can be installed with internet access like any other package. The specialty add-ons, like CUDA, require running an Ubuntu host PC. I actually use a small dual Atom laptop for this (with remote display to my desktop monitor).

And what about the models like imageNet? Have you tried that?

I have not tried that. Someone else would have to answer questions on dependencies of imageNet or other models for Ubuntu versus other distributions of Linux.