Has anyone tried hooking up a Blu-ray drive to their Jetson TK1???

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The Jetson TK1 has a SATA socket on it…I was thinking why bother using the SATA port for a hard drive when you have 256 Gb & 512 Gb SD cards…Has anyone here successfully hooked up a bluray drive to their jetson (preferably a slim or laptop blu-ray drive) and got it to work and is there a case for this???

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I’ve hooked up a USB DVD drive which worked. If the particular blueray is known to work on any Linux then it’d be highly likely it would work on the Jetson. The part which really makes life difficult isn’t because of being a blueray…I would guess the real issue is what kind of media you want to use with it…if there is support for that media type…and especially if DRM is required. I’ve never even tried to work with DRM, I don’t know what its state of support is under Linux.

I was more concerned about the hardware. Since the board has an ARM based cpu, things might be different but there really should be no reason why a bluray or DVD drive isn’t detected by the computer…

Now, is there a case for this???

Assuming the blueray is compliant with the SATA interface I don’t think the hardware side (all things SATA) is any different than a DVD drive. The content on the drive should be the only unpredictable part.

Would there be a suitable case for a Jetson TK1 and a DVD/Bluray drive or am I on my own??

I think you are on your own. Despite the JTK1 being close to something like a Nano-ITX it isn’t a match. There are some plans out there and some distributors of JTK1 chassis, but none of those I can think of have a 5.25" external drive slot.