Has Jetson TX2 GPU L2 ECC protection?

Hi all,
from the comments in previous post I think that Jetson TX2 doesn´t have ECC implemented (on the contrary .TX2i have it).
However I found the following message in the syslog reporting a single-bit error detected in GPU L2, so I wonder if GPU L2 is ECC protected in TX2.
Thank you in advance

[ 16.922505] nvgpu: 17000000.gp10b gp10b_ltc_isr:298 [ERR] mc_ltc_intr: 00000002
[ 16.931753] nvgpu: 17000000.gp10b gp10b_ltc_lts_isr:252 [ERR] Single bit error detected in GPU L2!
[ 16.942380] nvgpu: 17000000.gp10b gp10b_ltc_lts_isr:286 [ERR] ltc1, slice 0: bb4f0110
[ 32.956692] nvgpu: 17000000.gp10b gk20a_fifo_handle_mmu_fault_locked:1722 [ERR] mmu fault on engine 0, engine subid 0 (gpc), client 10 (t1 3), addr 0xf00b1a000, type 0 (pde), access_type 0x00000001,inst_ptr 0x1fff1fb000

By the confirmation with intenral team, the TX2 GPU L2 ECC has been enabled.

OK, then is it possible to disable the L2 GPU ECC? how?
Thank you in advance

Why do you want to disable it? For what purpose?

radiation testing, we want to evaluate software techniques for soft error mitigation.

SW checking for error can be disabled by disabling the config - CONFIG_TEGRA_SAFETY.

please, could you provide a link to any documentation related to CONFIG_TEGRA_SAFETY?

linux source is shipped with jetpack, you can check the Kconfig
But complete safety is only available as part of JSEP software which is paid

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