Has NVIDIA become a security company and abandoned embedded hardware?


It seems that nobody answers my threads about this. I have complained twice about the security settings for an SDK Manager and nobody listened. So i will ask again, why the FBI security when it comes to using an SDK on a laptop that we already have to authenticate?

I have complained how useless and painful it is to login to just flash the jetsons we bought. We need to click several times on bicycles etc and now we have to go through an authenticator app??? Does NVIDIA realise we dont want more MFA tokens on our phone?

This time though, updating the SDK MAnager asked me to log in, go through MFA and then it downloaded the update files and then the update failed…

So much work is being done on something that brings such little to no value to us (your security) and i’ve been complaining to you about how slow you are when it comes to delivering wheels for python3.7 which is old now, ive been complaining about having to recompile the code binary tree just to enable SPI and many other things that makes the jetson inferior to a hobby project like the raspberry pi…

All that effort that went into security could have gone into the stuff that we actually need:
Support for wheels for newest OS etc
Better documentation
Enable SPI in some setting somehow (check raspberry pi)
Make it easier to flash
and many more shortcomings I have mentioned in my posts.

I was the first one to publicly post the wheels for tensorflow gpu 1.15 for python 3.7 because camera manufacturers like Allied Vision etc only work on python 3.7

So what is NVIDIA’s plan? More security?

This is frustrating

Hi @LeMoth, You might want to post this over in the Jetson forums, as there are no technical resources monitoring this category. This section is for reporting forum issues only.

Tom K
NVIDIA Community Manager