Has the bug of cudaCreateTextureObject() on GTX 750 for been fixed or not?

I built and run cuda-convnet2 in my GTX850M card, and I met the same problem as posted by neuroc...@gmail.com in https://code.google.com/p/cuda-convnet2/wiki/TrainingExample.

As he described on Oct 2, 2014 and Oct 21, 2014, this is a bug of Cuda Toolkit, in particular, the function of cudaCreateTextureObject(&texObj, &resDesc, &texDesc, NULL) has bug. “It seems that texture objects do not work as they should with GPUs of compute capability (cc) higher than 3.5 (both our GTX 750 and your GTX 750 Ti are cc 5.0).”, as he said.

As he said, “We have reported the BUG through Nvidia developper environment and they have confirmed it is indeed a BUG (they reproduced it). So we just have to wait till they solve it.”

However, today I still met the problem. And he didnt mention the detail url where he report this bug to NVidia.

So, may I inquiry whether anyone knew this bug, and whether it has been fixed? If yes, what should I do to solve it on my computer?

If the bug was reported against CUDA 6.5 (and the time frame mentioned suggests it was) it stands to reason that the fix would be in CUDA 7.0. Have you tried the CUDA 7.0 release candidate?

@chinatimwu: link doesn’t work. Correct link is https://code.google.com/p/cuda-convnet2/wiki/TrainingExample (see the comments at the bottom of the page)

Does that mean that Texture objects do NOT work in Cuda Toolkit 6.5 on devices with compute capability > 3.5 ?

That would be a SEVERE problem for us as we rely heavily on texture objects. Any info from NVIDIA whether it is fixed in 7.0 release candiate ? And when will Toolkit 7.0 (final version) be available ?

Yes, this bug was fixed with 7.0. You can confirm this with the 7.0 release candidate.