Has the Jetson Nano 4Gb Developer Kit Been Discontinued? I have it from a reliable source it has

I have heard the developer kit has been discontinued.

They will stilol be supplying the jetson 4gb unit but no board.

If this is true please can someone tell me as we are building a nice little business based on having a low price powerful AI unit.

If it is discontinued, who can we go to for basic boards? Network temp sensor and normally open / closed jumpers?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @user161560, we continue producing the Nano devkits - there has been reduced inventory available due to global semiconductor supply chain shortages and a backlog of backorders to fulfill. We are working as diligently as possible to address it, sorry about that.

In the meantime you may want to consult some of these systems available: Announcing Jetson Partner Development Systems

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