Have the ARM core of TX2 NEON coprocessor?

Have the ARM core of TX2 NEON coprocessor?

NEON is optional in the previous generation of ARMv7-a CPUs (32-bit). The 64-bit ARMv8-a (implying the TX1/TX2) makes this mandatory…these cores always have NEON available. Since this is not optional and must be implemented no compiler will recognize any NEON enable type flag (it’s already there…it is an error to specify it as an option).

How do i use NEON coprocessor?

NEON is an instruction set. You can’t just specify it and have it work, you have to change code. You may be interested in this (keep in mind you are looking at the ARMv8 version…there may be overlap with ARMv7, but there will be differences at times, e.g., many command line gcc arguments differ or are missing in ARMv8):

This is mentioned:

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