Having problem when deploying jarvis ASR service on AWS EKS

Having problem when deploying Jarvis ASR service on AWS EKS

I am been trying to deploy by Jarvis ASR service on AWS EKS by following the docs Deploying Jarvis ASR Service on AWS EKS — NVIDIA Jarvis Speech Skills v1.0.0-b.3 documentation.

The first thing that I noticed is that the doc is outdated…

Also, have a couple of question

  1. In the section downloading and modifying the Jarvis API Helm Chart, point 2, it says add something to the file templates/deployment.yaml, but what is that something is not mentioned.

  2. In the section defining and launching the EKS Cluster, point 4, when I executing

    helm install --namespace jarvis jarvis .

    its giving an error:

    Error: template: jarvis-api/templates/modeldeploykey.yaml:1:12: executing "jarvis-api/templates/modeldeploykey.yaml" at <len .Values.modelRepoGenerator.modelDeployKey>: error calling len: len of untyped nil

Can anyone help me with this?

Hi @bjoish
Thanks for bringing the doc issue to our attention.

Could you please try the below latest API helm chart and let us know in case issue persist:
helm fetch https://helm.ngc.nvidia.com/nvidia/jarvis/charts/jarvis-api-1.1.0-beta.tgz --username='$oauthtoken' --password=<YOUR API KEY>