Having trouble getting 8K videos to display correctly within VLC when using Ubuntu

I would like to view 8K video that I recorded with my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone on my Ubuntu 22.04 setup. (I’m using the proprietary nvidia-driver-525 metapackage.) I have an RTX 3080 laptop GPU that displays 8K video just fine on Windows 10, but when I’ve tried using it to play 8K videos on VLC in Ubuntu, the video ends up quite choppy and distorted. I did notice that the the Video Engine Utilization rate is always 0%, so it looks like the GPU isn’t being fully utilized (to say the least). (On Windows, the Video Engine Utilization percentage is around 20-30 when playing 8K video within VLC.)

Any advice for getting the GPU to better support 8K video output would be greatly appreciated.