Having trouble running the DeepStream samples

I am having trouble running the samples of deepstream.
I followed all the steps from here → Quickstart Guide — DeepStream documentation 6.4 documentation. Except that I installed TensorRT 10 from the documentation of TensorRT, however i was facing a lot of problems to download DeepStream by sudo apt-get install ./deepstream-6.4_6.4.0-1_amd64.deb. So i used the method 2 to download the DeepStream present in the QuickGuild (using sudo tar -xvf deepstream_sdk_v6.4.0_x86_64.tbz2 -C).

Now after all the installations i try to run the Deepstream samples, i get the following error.

How do i slove this? and also how can i use deepstream with IDE such as pycharm or VS code.


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What’s the version of your Ubuntu? Please note the dependencies for DeepStream are as below:

  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • GStreamer 1.20.3
  • NVIDIA driver 535.104.12
  • CUDA 12.2
  • TensorRT

You need to follow the installation guide strictly to install deepstream.
Alternatively you can use deepstream docker which is relevant easier comparing to native installation: DeepStream | NVIDIA NGC

How about deleting the installation and then using Docker containers? would it be as good as installing DS on my system?

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