HD-Map for DW with Drive PX2


is there a way to create an HD-Map in DriveWorks map format with the NVIDIA Drive PX2? For example via the Recorder Tool (/usr/local/driveworks/tools/capture ./recorder-qtgui)?

Is there a way to convert HD-Maps to the DW format? So far I have only found a conversion from a DriveWorks map file to KML but not vice versa?

An alternative way would be to record a map with ROS if a conversion to DW-map format is possible.

Thank you in advance!

best regards

Dear zmml-loop,
We don’t have map conversion tools for Drive PX2. Please note that all the Drive releases are targeted towards Drive AGX platform now. We have already shipped HERE to DW conversion tool in DW 1.2 on Drive AGX platform. If possible, please consider upgrading to Drive AGX platform(https://developer.nvidia.com/drive/drive-agx) to get latest Drive releases. On Drive PX2, Please check Importing custom Maps data section in Drive works documentation for your topic.