HDCP Disable on GeForce GTX 980 ?


Is it possible to deactivate (and how) HDCP on this card ?
I wanted to create an RX custom solution with an HDMI chip.
I wanted to send my own content with the GeForce so don’t need HDCP stuff and don’t need to pay royalties for it.
I want to use the HDMI output of the board by the way.


I don’t think this has anything to do with CUDA Programming and Performance.

Ok sorry.

I will try to post in other forum but don’t find the way to do it.
Any idea how to do such thing ?
By the way if you have a proposition for the right forum to post it then please told me.


This isn’t my area of expertise, but isn’t the whole point of incorporating HDCP support that licensees are supposed to make it impossible (or practically: as difficult as possible) to bypass it? So I do not think the off-switch you are looking for exists.

Some cheap HDMI splitters accidentially remove HDCP (possibly by interfering with the HDCP handshake)