HDMI 1080p@120fps possible?

Hi all,

does anybody tried already to use HDMI with FullHD at 120fps? HDMI 1.4b should support that, but I’m not shure if TK1 does? If not, would TX1 support that?

I would need it for 3D shutter glasses, where it’s important to have at least 120Hz, which means 60Hz per eye…

Thanks a lot for your answers,

Hi Marc,

Playback of a 1080p H264 with 120 fps is smooth on TK1 and it supports.
I tried with nvgstplayer-1.0.
Are you using a gstreamer pipeline? If yes please share the details…
What’s the bit rate of the clip? And the display details please.

Also forgot to ask…is anything else encode/ decode running parallel?.. What is the behavior you observing?


my question was just about the HDMI output (Hardware). Which, when I understood everything correctly, is not dependent on decoding or on which pipline i use?
Maybe I’m wrong? For shure i need to deliver/calculate images with that framerate, but thats thenprobably my next question ;-)

The background is the following. I’d like to show stereoscopic images for shutter glasses. That means, I’ve to display two images (for each eye one) alternatingly. In the end I need 60fps for each eye, which leads to 120fps for the HDMI.

Does someone have already some experience with something similar?


Hi Honegger

HDMI with FullHD at 120fps (1920x1080p @ 120Hz ) is supported on TK1.
Then you should develop a two streams of stereoscopic images of 60fps each to combine into on stream to play through the HDMI, you may refer the Multimedia user guide for different pipeline to use.