HDMI 60FPS input

Hi Sir,

Platform: Jetson Xavier™ NX

The GUI hangs after a certain period of time, and the system becomes very unstable as long as a certain software that handles image input is used to keep the system at a high load.
If the system is restarted manually, the screen will be black after the nVidia logo is displayed and there is no action at all.
They later found that this phenomenon is related to power mode select, the default “MODE_10W_DESKTOP” will occur, manually changed to “MODE_15W_6CORE” will not have problems.
Have you heard of similar problems in the past?

In addition, if you use the command “v4l2-ctl” to capture a Full HD 30p image from a camera, the following error message will occur.

v4l2-ctl -d /dev/dev0 -P
VIDIOC_G_PARM: failed : Inappropriate ioctl for device

If you change to capture the camera image from the USB interface corresponding to the UVC, it is normal to use the same command to get
Streaming Parameteres Video Capture .

Thank you for your support.