HDMI audio only works with lid open [Quadro K2100M]

I have a very strange problem. After upgrading my machine to F30 and latest Nvidia drivers, the HDMI audio is only available if the laptop lid is open. If I close the lid, the audio falls back to the laptop speakers, but I still can see the whole image on the TV.

When I try to change it to the HDMI card, it doesn’t show on gnome-settings, and, in pavucontrol, the HDMI card shows as unavailable/disconnected.

I’m already attaching the but report.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (75.2 KB)

Was that log taken while the lid was open or closed?

Open. this is the one with it closed.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (82.5 KB)

Now that’s… funny.
Does opening the lid make the hdmi sound output re-appear or does it stay AWOL?

Furthermore, did you check if this also happens with either the v390 or v410 driver, might be a variant of