HDMI-CEC Support?

I second this. I can’t fathom a reason why Nvidia couldn’t implement this. It would be a massive selling point to differentiate you from the competition. Modern gaming consoles support this, 20 dollar blueray players support this. Can we move into the future already? Imagine every HTPC owner suddenly going team green. Would that be enough to make you guys consider the implementation? You already have the support in your SHIELD lineup…

Wow… I’m just stunned. A $5 Raspberry Pi Zero has features that NVidia cannot “afford” to implement, even on devices targeting HTPC’s like the ION2??? How offensive is that?

I think to support this need hardware as well as software work. Just for tracking nvidia internal ticket: 200190655

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Hi everyone.

I have the same problem and really one goes crazy knowing that some cheaper platforms support CEC and NVIDIA GPU doesn’t!

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What a shame that CEC is not activated.

It cost few cents and NVIDIA dont put it in 500$ GPU ??

Come on!

Please activate it in next drivers.

@Sandipt could you ask TechTeam if they could add this with driver update ?

Many users get TV for using with NVIDIA GPU !

Also how to track internal ticket: 200190655 ?


But would it not be possible for a chipset integrator to add this functionality? Maybe even just leaving a pinout for addon chips like the Intel Nuc CEC adapter?

Nvidia cards without CEC feature is like a Mercedes without Leather seats .

Its very disappointing. Here I am finding lesser capable no-name off-brand video cards that can support it, but All-Mighty NVidia cannot; especially the idea is basically to put control on the device they are providing an input for (HDMI feed).

Get with it NVidia!!!

Same here i have a htpc with a expensive 1400 euro titan x (pascal) for my 4k home cinema system ,and can not put on end of the other units (onkyo receiver,samsung 4k tv,samsung 4k player) in the line,with a signal from the gpu hdmi port!?

Come on nvidia ,thats not funny ,for such a cheap function,on this new gpus!

You also integrated HDR ,but to neglect ,the other important standard ,for home cinema systems???

Hi Nvidia

I really wonder why you don’t respond to all these requests to support CEC !!

There is a full IP solution of CEC HW controller + Software interface available on market.I think it can be easily integrated to Nvidia GPUs

you can check it here

Boost Valley Announces its first FPGA proven IP - HDMI-CEC 2.0 Controller IP

come on nvidia …make your customers more satisfied

Funny thing is ,the cheap nvidia shield console, do support cec out of the box.

As you can read on the german support page


But why this highend gpus have no access, to this hdmi featureset?

Surprised and disappointed this is unsupported. Get on it NVidia. Pretty lame that my xbox will do it but my high end PC won’t.

+1 : I think that this is a requirement for today’s and future users.

cec support is real important for today


It should not be a topic of discussion in 2017. This is a basic function of hdmi at this point and I wouldn’t even know what CEC was if I didn’t have to google why my computer hdmi signal wont turn on my samsung 4k dedicated monitor (tv). I shouldnt have to

hallo Nvidia

We need this bitch called CEC .

Thank You

I hate to sound rude, but these responses from Nvidia are unacceptable. I say responses, not answers because they don’t answer any of the questions already asked.

  1. WHY: Do expensive, and I mean EXPENSIVE (my last card cost more than my new 4K LED TV) video cards NOT have features that can, are, and have been ALL financially, technologically, and practically possible - NOT included?
  2. WHY: NOT even looked into?
  3. WHY: NOT want a market edge as the only card manufacturer, or at least be the first to do so and include this?
  4. WHY: NOT explain the reasoning behind this? If any.
  5. (this one’s almost rhetorical) WHY: respond with " I think to support this need hardware as well as software work. Just for tracking nvidia internal ticket: 200190655" I mean, duh. That’s why we’re asking the HARDWARE DEVELOPERS about it…
  6. just… WHY NOT?!?

If I can buy an $8 dongle that does this, why should I spend $300+ on a video card from you that can (admittedly) do EVERYTHING ELSE BUT THIS!!!

It makes you, and all the other guys as well look lazy and lackluster. I don’t care about 8K resolution if you guys are gonna leave out whatever random features along the way.

What about RGB32 color gamut? Will that stick around? It’s not required, so what guarantees do we have that you’ll include it’s support in the future. With this as a leading example, we have none.

What I gather from this thread is that any feature, function, bells and/or whistles that are not REQUIRED by whatever HDMI standard (1.4,2.0,2.0b,etc.) the card supports, is ALL on or off the table with the flip of a coin. On one side, good to know this when shopping for any electronic equipment. On the other side, disappointment in the major companies developing for the PC Gaming consumer. (Raspberry-PI users on the other hand lucked out!)

+1 Yes PLEASE!